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• Buckwheat Pancakes served with roasted Ratatouille
• Roasted Vegetable Couscous with Tomato & Chilli Sauce
• Roasted Root Vegetable Ragout
Moroccan vegetable casserole
• Mushroom and Cheese en Croûte
• Vegetable en Croûte Russian style
• Spinach and Ricotta en Croûte
Mediterranean vegetable strudel
Melanzane Parmigiana, aubergine bake
• Baked peppers filled with Ricotta and Parmesan Cheese
• Salmon Coulibiac with rice, egg and dill
• Salmon en Croûte, Spinach & Prawns
• Baked Salmon Fillet with Dill

• Salmon Terrine with Spinach
• Baked Pancakes with Plaice and Mushrooms
• Shallow fried Fillet of Plaice on a Bed of Mushrooms
• Cod Bearnaise with Prawns, Eggs, Lumpfish Roe & Cress, served cold
• Prawns in piquant Cream Sauce with Leeks
• Roasted Sea bass with Tomato Salsa
• Lemon Sole with Dill Sauce

• Marinated Turkey Breast with Horseradish sauce
• Chicken in piquant Tarragon Sauce with Grapes
• Chicken Breast in a creamy Vermouth Sauce with mushrooms
Moroccan chicken casserole
• Coq au Vin
• Herbed Ricotta filled Chicken Fillet
• Breaded Lemon Chicken Fillet Viennese style
• Roast Duck in Pastry with a Leek Sauce
• Duck Breast with Blackberry & Apricot Sauce
• Roast Loin of Pork with Apricots and Spices
• Lamb Cutlets with Greengage Sauce
• Middle Eastern Lamb with Apricots and Cashew Nuts
• Olive studded Lamb with Red Pepper Puree
• Finnish Meatballs, beef with lingon berry sauce
  • Sage, Anchovy and Garlic Beef Olives
• Boeuf Stroganoff
• Boeuf Bourguignon
• Baked Fillet of Beef
• Venison or Beef, with Port, Guinness & pickled Walnuts
• Boeuf en Daube