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• Almond Squares (Tosca Cake)
• Fruit Platter with Dips
• Prune Pastries
• Fresh Fruit Tartlets
• Chocolate Brownies
• Coffee and walnut cake
• Homemade Biscuits
• Light fruit Cake
• Carrot cake
Mini Victoria cakes
• Banana and Walnut Cake
• Lemon Cake
• Passion Cake
Blueberry cake
• Fruit Meringues
• French Lemon Tartlets
• Choux Pastry Balls, Cream, Fruit
• Chocolate Choux Pastry Balls, filled with Creme Pâtissière or Cream
• Mini Chocolate Eclairs
• Griddled Vegetables with Dips
• Crunchy Crudités with Dips
• Crostini with various interesting toppings
• Fresh Mushrooms with Blue Cheese & garnished with Pecan Nuts
• Croustades with Mushrooms and Chives in Sour Cream
• Selection of Tartlets
Mushroom Bouchées
• Choux Pastry Balls with Goat's Cheese and Red Pepper filling
• Choux Pastry Balls with Blue Cheese filling
• Choux Pastry Balls with creamy Mushroom filling
• Cheese Palmiers
• Mini Spring Rolls
• Mini Mushroom Pasties in our special Pastry
• Herbed Goat's Cheese Crêpes
• Mini Karelian Pasties (Rye Pastry with Rice filling) served with Egg Butter
  • Prunes with Cream Cheese garnished with Walnuts
• Garlic and Pine kernel Tartlets
• Anchovy Whirls
• Cherry Tomatoes with Mozzarella and Basil on sticks
• Cream Cheese en Croûte with Walnuts
• Rice and Herb Dolmades
• Filo Pastry filled with Spinach and Ricotta
• Filo Pastry filled with Leeks, Goat’s Cheese and Pine kernels
• Filo Pastry filled with Leeks and Feta Cheese
• Asparagus croutes with lemon hollandaise
• Asparagus Frittata garnished with Black Olives
• Cashew Nut Pate on Toasties
• Quails' Eggs with Celery Salt
• Fresh Dates with Ginger
• Port marinated Figs with Camembert
• Spanish Tortilla
Parmesan and rosemary shortbread topped with roasted cherry tomatoes and feta cheese
Mini latkes with sour cream and apple sauce
• Tangy Thai prawn skewers
• Tiger Prawn skewers marinated in Garlic, Lemon Juice and Parsley
Classic prawn cocktail puffs
• Pastry Shells with Crème fraîche and Lumpfish Roe
• Tuna fish Mousse on Pumpernickel
• Pickled Herring on Rye Bread
• Gravadlax on pumpernickel with dill and Mustard   Sauce
• Pastry Parcels with Prawns and Dill
  • Caesar Salad or Herring Salad in Filo Baskets
• Mini Thai Fishcakes with sweet chilli dip
• Mini Fishcakes with Hollandaise Sauce
• Smoked Salmon Pastry Straws
• Mini Salmon en Croûte
• Buckwheat blinis with Lumpfish Roe, Sour Cream, Red Onion
• Buckwheat blinis with Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream, Red Onion
• Fresh Salmon Skewers with Hollandaise Sauce
• Mini Yorkshire Puddings filled with Roast Beef and Horseradish
• Middle Eastern Lamb Meatballs served with Yoghurt Dip
• Scandinavian Meatballs, Beef with Cranberry Sauce
• Chicken Satay with Peanut dip
• Marinated Chicken Skewers with Crème fraîche and Basil Dip
• Rice and Meat Dolmades
Pan Asian chicken in filo baskets
Croustades with chicken tonnato
Cumin scented kofte brochettes with minted yoghurt dip
Keftedes, Greek beef meat balls
  • Mini Salami and Cheese Crescents
• Filo Pastry filled with Lamb and Vegetables
• Filo Pastry filled with Chicken, Coriander and Ginger
• Melon and Parma Ham on sticks
• Parma Ham wrapped around Asparagus
• Roast Beef wrapped around Asparagus
• Brandied Homemade Duck Liver Pate on Toasties
• Brandied Homemade Chicken Liver Pate on Toasties
Mini Peking duck pancakes with plum sauce
Devils on horseback
Cherubs on horseback
Honey sesame glazed cocktail sausages